EXEDY Friction Material opens its Tribology Technical Center


EXEDY Friction Material opens its Tribology Technical Center

EXEDY Friction Material opened its new Tribology Technical Center on September 1, 2011.

Representatives of Chonburi's Ministry of Labour and the workers constructing the building were in attendance at the opening ceremony, which was held at the Amata Industrial Park.

EXEDY Friction Material President Tomoaki Goto gave his thoughts about the opening of the center, saying that, "the building may not be very large, but the benefits resulting from its future use will be great in size. Let us all work harder at becoming a world-class company."

EFM expects the skill level of its employees to increase through the use of this tribology center. It also expects that it will be able to build a positive reputation in Thailand as a company that can continually produce quality products.

The center houses a research and development section on the 1st floor, a large cafeteria and training facilities on the 2nd floor, and a library and meeting rooms on the 3rd floor. The roof will be completely covered with solar panels by the end of September.

Large Training Room (Holds 150 People) Meeting Room (Holds 50 People)

EXEDY Friction Material will continue to work hard at completely satisfying its customers through its high tech development and production.

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